deddynoer: New Nokia 6 or 8 Megapixel Imaging Slider in the works?

It’s been a while now since Nokia came up with an interesting phone form factor innovation in an actual phone, instead of patent applications.

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You know, something along the lines of Nokia 7380 “Lipstick”, Nokia N92 TV Phone or Nokia N93 Camcorder/Imaging Phone.

Well, it looks like we may soon have an interesting new slider among upcoming Nokia N-Series imaging phones.


In addition to ratateable camera, this new Nokia device also has a retractable flash assembly, which allows to hide/expose the phone flash within the body of the device.

And contrary to the other Nokia patent applications, the pictures in this one are not only a rough schematics, but include a rather detailed drawing of the phone itself.

Which may indicate that somewhere inside Nokia there actually is such a device already in the works, and we may see it announced, or at least leaked, pretty soon.

Also, and I’m not sure what to make of it, but if you enlarge Fig. 9 in the patent application, it looks like there’s a label saying 6 or 8 megapixel on the phone.

Nokia N-Series 8 megapixel slider for next year?

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