deddynoer: Nokia N99 or Nokia N900 successor to N800 Internet Tablet pops up

Remember Nokia N99 phone of your dreams? You know, the one with Photoshopped picture and fantastic specs – 16 GB of internal flash memory, 16:9 3.2″ wide screen, GPS. Wi-Fi, 8 mpx camera and other goodies.

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Well, when we almost convinced ourselves that this Nokia N99 was a work of overeager Nokia fan, along comes Engadget and drops this picture on us:


While Engadget says that this is the picture of the successor to Nokia N800 Internet tablet (Nokia N900?), it looks pretty similar to the original photoshop drawing of Nokia N99.

Looking at the live pictures of Nokia N99/N900 it seems that original picture could really have been made by some Nokia designer in the early stages of design concept for the new device.

The current pictures of Nokia N900/N99 device also seem to be an early prototype and do not reveal too many details about the new Nokia multimedia computer. Nokia N99/N900 will obviously have a full QWERTY keyboard and the camera with a flash is now built-in at the front of the device.

What’s interesting about this prototype of Nokia N900/N99 is the total absence of any controls on the front surface. Since it seems to be pretty inconvenient to use slider keyboard everytime you want to surf the net or listen to music, it may be an indication of significantly improved touch interface.

Still we don’t even know whether the pictures here are real and all the rest is a pure speculation on my part.

But Nokia has hinted that it is working on some new type of mobile device for next year. So if this one’s real, if Nokia will manage make a good touch interface and if Nokia N99/N900 comes anywhere near the originally indicated specs, it will give Apple’s iPhone, HTC Omni and any other future competitor a real run for the money.

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