deddynoer: Nokia N99 – Slider with QWERTY Keyboard and Numerical Keypad to boot?

Nokia N99 pictures and soaped-up specs may have been a fantasy and Photoshop skill show-off by some eager fan. But then again, it may have not.

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Recent patent filing shows that Nokia is indeed working on a slider phone with QWERTY keyboard and numeracial keyboard:


As you can see, the sketch in patent application is very similar to the image of Nokia N99 we have seen earlier:


Could this really be Nokia N99?

To remind you, the claimed specs for it were:

9 way front joystick button, 16GB FLASH internal memory, up to 4GB mini SD slot, 16:9 3.2″ wide screen, GPS, MP3, DIVX XVID MPEG AVI video reading, WLAN WIFI, qwerty pad, 8MP camera, 3CCD 720 pixel wide 30fps video capture.

Sure, some of the specs, like 3CCD imaging system and amount of internal memory sounds pretty out there. But if you think of where the smart phones will be in a year or two, they are not that far fetched.

We already have 32GB NAND Drives, 10 megapixel camera in Samsung B600 and 800 x 320px screen in Nokia E90 Communicator. Why not put all of it into a one cool phone?

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