deddynoer: Triple slider idea from Nokia ?

Two way slider, allowing to have both, numeric keypad and QWERTY keyboard in a mobile phone is nothing new these days.

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Sony Ericsson and Nokia tried to patent their take on it recently. Some rumors say that Sony Ericsson P5i may actually feature one, and Samsung already has a two way slider in an officially announced, if not yet shipping, Samsung F520.

Still, the idea looks great on paper, and everyone is trying to come up with a way for this set-up to work as great in a real life too. Here’s another take on imagining a perfect dual slider by Nokia:


In a patent application called “A layered mobile device”, Nokia is actually thinking about a triple slider, with the display and keyboard/keypad “sandwiched” on one another.

The keypad part would slide in two directions just like on current Nokia N95, revealing numeric keypad on one side and music/game controls on another. Then, there would be another layer with QWERTY keyboard sliding sidewise underneath a the keypad.

Or, the layered set-up may even allow you to use both numeric keypad and QWERTY keyboard at once:


Although I doubt the utility of this particular design.

Still, looks interesting, but it’s just an idea and patent application. Let’s see if they’ll be able to come up with a real device for that. Nokia N99 perhaps?

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