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Get paid to post! [ disadur dari: ] If you enjoy blogging and keep up a blog every day, why not get paid to do it? Writing paid reviews on your blog is easy and fun and it pays! All you need to do is sign up for a free blogging account on PayingPost to get started right away on a fun and exciting new career right from your own home. Once you are a member of the PayingPost blogging directory you will get to write posts on interesting websites, products, companies, and services and they will pay you to do it. It is just that simple. Payment? You will be paid directly into your PayPal account on the first day of each month and there are even opportunities to get bonuses. Please be advised that we have a $50 threshold. The best post each pay period will earn an extra 25 (twenty-five) dollars included in their payout.

Blog advertising become the most popular form of advertising

There are a lot of reasons to get involved in the blog advertising world. The Internet and blog advertising in particular, methods of getting exposure for your company, products, or services has quickly become the most popular form of advertising, even eclipsing television and radio as the new media of choice. Companies big and small have jumped on the bandwagon and have begun to advertise on blogs because it is not only cheaper than almost any other media form around, it is vastly more effective.

When a company selects a print media to showcase their products they get exposure in that market alone. Most newspaper and magazine display ads are extremely expensive. There are less costly print media methods such as press releases but they are not as expensive as a picture ad. You can also hope some willing reporter will pick up on your story and print it but even then your exposure is usually limited to the circulation of that paper or magazine and it only appears ONCE.

When you advertise on blogs you not only get individually written reviews of your products and services they are GLOBAL. The write ups are visible for the life of the blog and are easily searchable when someone types your keyword into a search engine anywhere in the world. If a company has the financial resources to pay for televised commercials many of the same parameters that govern print media still apply. Unless your pockets are deep it is unlikely you will be able to afford commercial spots that cover more than your local area. If you can get national coverage it is still usually relegated to your specific country.

Blogs are global. You will achieve the same worldwide marketing as the ‘big boys’ who can afford to span the globe with high-priced media marketing. Even those huge conglomerates have seen the light and come over to blog advertising. The marketing cost savings are tremendous and the exposure is just as great if not greater than any other media – who ISN’T online? Consumers now spend 85% of their shopping dollars online and even if they are planning on buying offline they search for the products first on the Internet. Let them find YOU, and let them hear about your products in one of the most socially acceptable ways possible. Consumers trust blogger write ups much more than the gimmicky splash ads, flashy banners, and slick white pages. Each of your advertisements written in a blog post comes straight from that particular blogger’s style of writing and is unique and compelling.

Getting started to advertise on blogs is simple

All you need to do is sign up for a free account at PayingPost. It is an easy one page application that immediately gets you access to your own control board. You then chose the amount of money you wish to spend on your advertising campaign and load that money into your account from PayPal. Once you have that set up you can select multiple parameters for your opportunity to ensure the blogger that chooses you will have the demographics best suited to your company or product.

There are two types of opportunities you can create.

You can let them do their own investigation and write an opinion piece along with a picture of your choice and a text link inside their post that points to your website, or you write up your own PR release and ask them to post it on their blog. Even if you choose a PR piece you can ask for an individual intro with text link, or add a picture to the post for extra value.

There are also two ways to get your bloggers to write reviews of your product, service, or webpage.

You can post the opportunity to the open marketplace along with specific choices that will make sure the blogger that takes your opportunity is the best suited for your campaign, or you can browse through the directory of bloggers and handpick the ones you want to write for you. When you advertise on blogs you have the world at your feet. Don’t wait another minute to get exposure on the global market and make your business a worldwide success.

Get paid to post honest reviews on your blog

Blogging is a great hobby. You can do it anywhere, whether at work or at home or even on vacation. The nature of blogging also means that people without formal training can become famous and respected, so long as they are interesting and insightful. Because of such low barriers of entry and the opportunity to have so much fun and contribute something useful to so many other people, it’s no wonder that so many people have adopted blogging as a hobby. The thing is, however, that blogging is time consuming, and more professional blogging (even if it’s using a free host) will end up costing you time and money. Blogging takes effort, after all, and effort is never free.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid for blogging?

The truth is, it’s easy to get paid for blogging, you just need to find someone who needs blog content and then provide it.

PayingPost will help bridge that gap by connecting you with advertisers who need content concerning their products. All you have to do is blog about your experiences with their products and services, and you get paid for it. In the era of omnipresent and often deceptive or ineffective advertising, companies are coming to rely more and more on customer feedback and customer reviews to sell their products.

This is why PayingPost was created: to give consumers a voice via blogs.

Not only do bloggers get to put their voice out on the web for free, they get paid to do so. Why? Because advertisers value the input and comments they get from the bloggers, and consumers value the information they get regarding the products and services the blogger is discussing. After all, wouldn’t you be more likely to trust a product that you saw reviewed by an outside source as opposed to a company-generated advertisement? There are a great variety of products and services to be reviewed as well. Companies from all over the world, of all types, are eager to get valuable reviews regarding their products, and are willing to pay good money for this service. Like all blogging, it’s not necessary for you to be a professional writer or reviewer to do this, and you can do it anywhere, in your spare time. Just think: you’ll be earning extra money, and you’ll be helping companies and customers alike to make good decisions when it comes to the latest in new technologies and services! The work you will be required to do is simple. You sign up, and then look at the available products and services that need reviewing. You then pick the one that you want, and write it. It’s that easy!

You don’t have to worry about getting assigned products you have no interest in or don’t like, and if you don’t feel like blogging some days, you don’t have to. Once you accept an assignment you need to get to it and meet a reasonable deadline, but there’s a big emphasis on personal choice. After all, how good a review are you likely to produce if you’re being forced into it?

Once you turn the article in, it’s reviewed, and if it meets standards of accuracy and good writing, you get paid. The amount of money you get paid for the review is dependent on what’s being reviewed. Most reviews will only earn a few dollars, but occasionally a big order worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars will come in. Imagine earning all that money just for voicing your opinion! Of course such expensive orders are a lot of hard work, but it’s worth all that effort, isn’t it? Blogging for companies is a great hobby that not only lets you express yourself and your opinion, but it pays you for your efforts. Your thoughts and opinions will matter to both the companies whose products you review and the customers who read those blogs and use them to make informed decisions. It’s no wonder that so many people are getting into blogging reviews, and it’s no wonder that PayingPost is becoming day by day so popular.

So are you ready to make your voice heard, and to get paid for doing it? Then sign up today!

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