deddynoer: BLOG LINES BETA

“We track your favorite news, blogs, weather, and classifieds so that you don’t have to.”

Take a test drive of Bloglines Beta!

We’ve taken feedback from our users to make Bloglines even more useful and engaging. Check it out!

Save Time, Read it Your Way

* View all your subscriptions by clicking on the My Feeds tab
* Modify display preferences in feed Options
* View articles by selecting from the links in your Feeds folder
* Modify individual subscription options using the Edit feature
* Choose a Notifier for Bloglines alerts
* View Bloglines on your mobile device
* Read Bloglines in your favorite language

What interests you?

* Blogs, News, Podcasts and more
* Weather forecasts
* Package tracking
* View the 200 Most Popular Feeds
* Track future web articles by creating a search subscription

Subscribe to it

* Subscribe with one click from your browser toolbar
* Subscribe from search results
* Look for RSS enabled sites with ‘Subscribe with Bloglines’ or XML/RSS buttons
* If you don’t see an RSS button, use the ‘Add’ link and enter the URL and Bloglines will find all available feeds for you.
* Manage mailing list clutter by creating unique email addresses

Publish, Share & Save

* Publish your own blog
* Post a ‘Subscribe with Bloglines’ button on your blog
* Share your blogroll
* Email articles to any address using the ‘Email This’ feature
* Save articles with the ‘Keep New’ or ‘Clip/Blog This’ features
* Tell a friend about how Bloglines has helped you manage Internet information glut!

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